Looking to make something gorgeous?  Our design services communicate your brand values fluently through a bunch of different mediums.  Have a look at what we can do.

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Have an idea but don't know how to make it a reality?  Web development means programming, coding, and building web applications that save time and make money.

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Want to beat your competition, help your teams morale, grow revenue, and have a great time innovating on the cutting edge of technology? Internet marketing's for you.

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Lancaster PA Web Designers

At Lancaster PA Web Design we love the web. And we love design. The result?

Gorgeous websites built on bleeding-edge technology.

We dare say that we're the best team of designers, programmers, and internet marketers available in Lancaster. And we only do web. Because it's the future. As old media slowly dies off we guide forward-thinking businesses to success online with our suite of internet marketing services. So have a look through our design portfolio, peek around our other pages, and visit our clients' sites. When you're ready we'd love to talk with you about your new website design.

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Give us a call at 717.609.0362 or go to our contact form to get in touch.

Get acquainted with Lancaster PA Web Design:


Website Design

Outstanding, gorgeous, timeless web design mixes aesthetics with the latest technology to create clickable artwork. Our designs communicate your business in the best possible light. Every website we make can be read equally well on a 22" monitor, a tiny laptop, or even an iPhone. That's the beauty of building with web standards.

Website Redesign

More often than not, our clients have an old website (from 1998, designed by a brother-in-law, with scrolling text) that's in serious need of an upgrade. We love bringing sites into the 21st century: it's so rewarding to show clients their beautiful new sites and watch jaws fall to the floor of the conference room. Which can be a little messy, but well worth it!

Flash Design

While we don't build entire websites in flash (search engines have a rough time indexing flash content), a well-placed flash header or engaging flash presentation can do wonders for the look and feel of your site. Our flash artists take your concept and create a flash presentation (complete with links!) for whichever service you'd like to promote.

Website Maintenance

Not many business owners like sifting through code to update their websites. We handle regular website maintenance for a bunch of different clients, some who have bought websites from us (yes!) and some who haven't. But be warned: if you have a badly coded site we might be forced to make your site prettier, easier to use, and more modern one line of code at a time.


Web Application Development

If you can dream it, we can do it. We've built web applications for casinos, rental car corporations, and even a site that helps new brides change their name everywhere. We've got some of the most imaginative and talented web programmers in the Lancaster area that can turn your idea into a clickable application in the blink of an eye. Well, at least in a couple of months.


Ah, the joys of passive income. You can be working on other things, relaxing, or sleeping while your website does all of the selling for you. Our e-commerce clients enjoy nearly 100% uptime on our dedicated servers.  The robust selling applications and carefully-designed checkout processes on our e-commerce stores make buying and selling products online as easy as pie.

Content Management Systems

Want complete control over what's on your website, but don't have the technical knowledge to sift through the code? No problem.  Our content management systems to the rescue! Editing the content of your site is as easy as editing a document in Word. Well, actually it's a little easier: with our CMS you can navigate to your site, point to the content you want to change, and make your edits in a pop-up window.

Intranet Solutions

An intranet from Lancaster PA Web Design pulls all of your employees together in one place online. You can store documents that your team will need, manage tasks, even "tweet" exclusively with your company.

B2B Web Applications

Custom web applications streamline your B2B company. We can setup a customer relationship management system that automatically assigns leads from the website to account executives, tracks opportunities and sales, and allows managers to see exactly what their salesforce is doing. No more Post-It notes or missed sales calls.


We use the Fort Knox of hosting companies. Our sites (including this one) are stored on a server in a climate controlled data center with biometric security, N+1 power redundancy and exclusive access to one of the biggest American internet arteries. Which means no one can get to your files, the power never goes off, and you get a direct line into to the backbone of the internet. Not bad for a few bucks a month.


Search Engine Optimization

Search engines are constantly switching things up: sometimes a local map will pop up, sometimes news results, images or YouTube videos. It's not enough to just optimize your website anymore; you need to have a presence at the top of a bunch of different services. With 20 years of combined SEO experience, we've found some pretty innovative ways to get our clients to the top spot.


Search engine ads (also called pay-per-click ads or PPC) let you pick where your visitor goes after clicking on your search engine result. This means that you can craft a conversion funnel that is optimized to get the highest number of sales or leads. With total ROI tracking built in, you can get completely accurate cost-per-lead info. Try to do that with the Yellow pages!

SEO Copywriting

There's a fine line between writing for humans and writing for search engine robots. You have to provide the information that your visitors want in a way that search engines can understand. Lucky for you, Lancaster PA Web Design has the magic bullet and can write (effectively!) for both. You'll see more visitors and more leads with effective SEO copywriting.

Conversion Analysis

Why is no one filling out your contact form? Is it your site structure? Color scheme? Form fields? Only a detailed conversion analysis report from a talented internet marketer can say for sure. We've helped businesses increase their website conversion rate 15%, 45%, even 150%. Imagine what you could do with all that extra business!