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Conversion Rate Optimization

If you have a website, you have an action you want your visitor to take.

For ecommerce stores it's the purchase of a product. For B2B businesses it's normally a contact form completion.

Whenever someone takes your desired action, we call it a conversion. An astronomical conversion rate is the Holy Grail of internet marketing.

So why is yours so low? We have conversion analysis Lancaster PA plans that can give you specific reasons and ways to improve your site’s conversion rate.

Serious Site Flaws

Sometimes a couple minor issues can cripple website conversion rates.

Common problems include: broken links, un-styled pages, missing pages, browser incompatibility, incorrect market focus, wrong color scheme, and a host of other content-related problems.

While they may seem minor, issues like this reflect poorly on your company image and can stop people from contacting you. With a conversion analysis plan, you’ll find out exactly which site issues can be fixed.

A Lack of Information

Are you answering every single question that your customers need to know before contacting you? We doubt it.

Think of the concerns your sales prospects have on a daily basis. Do you have the answers to those questions presented in a clear way on your site? Or is it just a list of what you “offer”?

Once the goal shifts from building a good-looking website to building a highly converting website, you need to crawl into your customers' skin and write your copy to answer their questions. Our SEO copywriters can help. Adding SEO copywriting to your conversion analysis plan guarantees success.

Complicated Conversion Processes

Once you tweak your copy to answer all your customers' questions, do you make it easy for them to convert?

Web users are busy, impatient, and unforgiving. They don't want to spend all day filling out information that isn't required. And if you're taking their credit card number you need to reassure them that it's OK to buy.

Streamlining the conversion process is a quick way to increase conversion rates.

These are only a few points on our massive Conversion Analysis Checklist that we use with each of our conversion analysis plans.

Contact us to start your conversion analysis Lancaster PA plan today!

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